Revolution in renewable energy

-IGG's innovation on Mechanization


30 metric tonnes

1 MW


1800 metric tonnes

60 MW

End to end hassle free Biomass supply

Thought Leadership - Plan the work and Work the plan

Innovation - the key factor

Confidence,Consistent,Commitment & Conviction

Providing Advocacy - Enabling new policy to the whole industry

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Identified the untapped potential of Juliflora as a biofuel of choice.

Designed, developed and productionised the ‘whole tree’ process of biofuel production from Juliflora.

Automation and mechanization of felling, bunching, cutting, chipping and delivering to the plant overcoming the accessibility and cutting challenges posed by the thorny Juliflora.

First organized end to end Juliflora biomass processer and supplier at a global level.

Enables scalable business model for biomass power plants, ensuring constant operation and higher PLF.

Our CMD's Message

It is an opportunity to share with you the spark in our mind, which started igniting the energy scenario to an unbelievable scale and how it creates a revolution in the renewable energy space.
"Plan the Work and Work the plan,
    Grow together and Co-exist."

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