Company Overview

India is developing in all fronts and the economy is moving towards rapid growth year after year. The reforms on infrastructure is taking India from a developing country to a Rapidly Developing Economy (RDE). But the infrastructure for power production is not keeping pace with the requirements of such growth and is not meeting the target of planning commission. The power crisis in India is one of the major bottlenecks for maintaining our economic growth. This power crisis spark ignited the Founder Chairman who started focusing his attention and initiated his plans for contributing to the challenges of the power sector.

He initiated his first step to set up and establish a 7.5 MW Biomass based Power Plant, where the fuel was not under Government control. At this stage from his research and business analysis, there surfaced the biggest challenge: Despite The World Energy Council’s estimate of India’s Biomass Power potential of 45,000 MW, biomass power plants are either closing down or working sub-optimally due to poor supply chain management. The industry was reeling from procurement and supply chain infrastructure problems.

Keeping this scenario in mind, he identified the untapped potential of "Juliflora" and after detailed research he designed the ‘whole tree’ mechanism of processing biomass fuel from Prosopis Juliflora. This involved research and development across countries culminating in a new innovation which has the potential to provide a solution to many countries around the world.

In 2011, the Founder Chairman saw the potential of building a reliable, scalable and world class biomass fuel supply chain that will transform the uncertainties associated with this industry to certainty in profitability and scalability.

IGG started its move in a well-planned way. Along with a few well experienced personalities with deep expertise, commitment and passion offering their time and energy, IGG could bring in phenomenal progress in the field of Renewable Energy. The rich and multifaceted experience of each person in the team talks volumes. When these likeminded professionals bring their impressive contributions to the table to be used in optimal ways, we see accelerating and sustainable progress. This has helped the leadership to take informed decisions proactively and resulted in world class technology being adapted for our indigenous operation.

Our organization believes in practicing business driven by values and business ethics. Our clear moral principles, transparent operational procedures and our fair and balanced approach is the source of our confidence to set standards in this industry and be an exemplar for others.

The leadership at IGG identified partners like Bandit, IIT Madras, E &Y and other reputed organizations and aligned their collective wisdom to design, customize and build IGG with world class governance practices, patented work flows and custom equipment to ensure continuous production of Biomass fuel supply.