Frequently Asked Questions

  • How you are thinking it is an Innovation?

    IGG is the first organisation in the global map processing in an organized way the untapped potential of Juliflora and the mechanised processing as whole tree ensures all branches of the tree are processed and its wastage is almost zero level. Till IGG’s entry the processing was done manually. Juliflora being an aggressive thorny bush type weed it was inaccessible, labour intensive since it required to be cut manually resulting in time consumption and wastage of 20%. Rest of the folios used to be left in the field and people used to put on fire for clearing the land. IGG’s mechanized processing techniques came as breather resulting in production efficiency.

  • How IGG came to conclusion of abundant availability?

    IGG has done its research extensively collected and compiled all data and counter checked with Government statistics. The Central Arid Zone Research Institute Jodhpur identified the potential about the availability in Arid and Semi Arid Zone in India and abroad. The World Energy Council and Working Group on Renewable Energy report of Planning in India also confirmed the potential of 45000MW generating capacity with this standing Juliflora. IGG also appointed Ernst & Young Consultants independently to study and validate the same. In addition to that IGG has taken a survey in selected districts in Southern Tamil Nadu.

  • How IGG came into the business?

    When IGG group company planned to set up the 7.5MW Biomass based power plant, it realised the availability and affordability issues and logistics. IGG got realised that only 2% of the total availability is getting processed on account of various factors especially the manual cutting, labour intensive, non availability of labour and lower output irrespective of the abundant availability.

  • How IGG mechanised the operation?

    IGG Team did lot of discussion and debates regarding the design of the equipments to put in place. It approached world leaders of Biomass processors to find the way out. It brought the experts from US to study the field and IGG Team visited US vendors to design the equipments. IGG customised the equipments to suit Indian climate conditions

  • Did IGG has taken any Government support or grants or anything to venture into this Innovation?

    No IGG did on its own. In fact IGG has taken a risk of investment, experiment etc.

  • Why did IGG take such a risk?

    In case of success in this venture, IGG has confidence in changing the Renewable Energy space of not only the domestic market but also the global scenario.

  • How IGG feels the impact of its innovation?

    It can contribute a significant change in the Energy Security and as well as thermal Generation needs for Industrial applications. Then rural development to local farmers, self Government, Rural Employment and Empowerment etc.

  • Is it eye opener to the entire nation and world?

    Yes. There is no doubt or second opinion about it. IGG right from the day one it focused on scaling up. It is an eye opener to the Government. IGG wants to give a proposal to Government to look into the prospects of this untapped potential of Juliflora in line with the recommendations of Working Group on Natural Resources of Eleventh Plan. The recommendations are in line with our focus.

  • Can Power be generated at an affordable cost?

    Yes, very much. IGG is aiming to scale up and wants to set up power plants across the nation with a vision of average power procurement of all utilities wherever Juliflora is available.

  • What is the road map of IGG to scale up?

    IGG has identified 10states where it has collected the data and approach the State Government independently and thro MNRE to establish the power plants.

  • What are all advantages of Juliflora as Biomass?

    First of all it has highest calorific value of more than 4000K/cal. It is a standing Biomass which is growing on its own. The following are the highlights>

    1. No need for plantation in India and other countries except in Middle Est.

    2. No water required. It requires hardly less than 100mm rainfall region. It can sustain in salinity water.

    3. No nursing required

    4. Renewable in every three year cycle.

    5. It is carbon neutral

    6. Environmental friendly approach.

  • What are all the prospects of setting up power plants?

    The advantageous of Juliflora Bass based Power Generation.

    1. It can be a base load power plant.

    2. It can achieve higher PLF even up to 80%.

    3. No renewable power is available with this much highest PLF.

    4. It can be planned 50MW for every 50Kms radius.

    5. Only 25acres of land is required and it can be acquired in rural areas.

    6. It can be connected to local distribution and excess power can be transmitted thru Grid.

    7. Since it is a distributed Generation, evacuation problems will not be there.

    8. Availability and affordability is ensured because of the Logistics.

    9. Lowest investment in any Renewable Power.

    10. Generation cost will be within the regulatory framework.

  • DO IGG think it is possible to achieve its Goal of the dream project?

    Yes. It is possible. The bottle neck is processing the Juliflora to mass scale production. IGG’s one unit can produce 200Mts/day. It has designed, developed and demonstrated and commercialised its operation. It is easy to scale up and the business model of remote operation also proved success.

  • Is IGG pioneer in its operation and is it sustainable?

    Yes. It is pioneer in this Renewable space and it has tied up with best out of the best collaboration on mechanisation.

    a. The potential has been tested through our Pilot Projects and success experienced from Main stream operations

    b. The technology used then and now really exhibits the production efficiencies which in turn brings down the Cost

    c. The current market trend and the ROI clearly addresses the healthy side of the Balance Sheet

    d. Considering the practicability, IGG has Professionally designed Sustenance plan e. Alignment with Global Partners adds to the creation of a Niche Market

    f. Technology used to leverage economic growth

    g. Our realization on the need for ‘Innovation Support’ and here comes our strategic alignment with the Global Leaders

    h. Our understanding on the need for efficiency;

    1. Increasing specialization supported by placement of well crafted Operation Team

    2. Setting Production standards for increased efficiency

    3. Usage of Foreign Technology suitably customized to suit domestic conditions

    i. Well laid out Business Plans – Short Term Goals, Long Term Goals and Widening the Operations Globally in Select Markets with Time Lines and Operational Methodology using the Global Partner Alignment

    j. Sustenance Plan: Sustained innovation plan and road-map Focus on Technology change and implementation taking into account the economic growth.

    k. Collection of data using the IT Management for taking INFORMED Decisions.

    l. SCOT & PEST Analysis: Our complete understanding on our Strengths and the Challenges, and on the Opportunity assessment and also considering the possible Threats. In addition, as we wider our operational plans, our efficient team puts their focus on the key areas like the Political developments and its effect on business, identifying the Economic issues to design consciously the business development, followed by deep understanding on the Social Scenario & Trends, and change the operational pattern taking into account the changing Technology Advancement.

  • Is IGG Meeting the Expectation of Corporate world?

    a. Solution – Production efficiency and Consistent Supply Plans

    b. Industry understanding – Segment Knowledge and Production Needs

    c. Professional approach across the business

    d. Transparency

    e. Ethical Business Practice

    f. Responsive skills and decision making expertise added with communication standards

  • What is IGG’s Response to Customer Expectation?

    • Our business strategy and success is driven by Customers

    • Quality Assurance and efficient delivery mechanism with organized logistic management

    • Efficient Supply Chain Management and end to end solution

    • Continuity in Supply: By Large Scale Storage with Moisture Management

    • Professional Team well trained on all parameters with Key Core Team member/s hand holding.

    • Frequent training to the team on SCOT (Strength, Challenge, Opportunity and Constant Re-engineering achieved through internal growth by focusing on Customer Satisfaction and their Growth

    • Walk the path with the basic principle of “Grow together and Co-exist”

    • Our cost advantage and competitive advantage to deliver produce at the Right Time, Right Place and at Right Price

    • Our Business Culture – practicing of Core Values and Transparency in all our dealings

    • Making local people and farmers as partners

  • What is the Impact of IGG focused Business Plan?

    1. Ensuring the contribution to GDP growth.

    2. Ensuring the rural development.

    3. Ensuring the sustainability in Renewable Power.

    4. Contributing to a larger extent in bringing the gap in Power Crisis.

    5. Clean and Green Energy to rural mass.

    6. Economic Growth within a shortest time frame.

    7. This fuel is not only for Power Generation and it can play a significant role in Thermal applications for steam generation, water desalination etc.

    8. Contribution to rural Industrialization.

    9. Socio economic model.

    10. Deserts can be converted into Greenbelt as done in Middle East.